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Enjoyed Music

My musical interests are quite varied, from Mozart to Madonna, from Yanni and David Lanz to Ricky Martin. If I was to list all of the composers I liked music by, the list would strech ceaselessly. Many of my favorite tunes are from video games, and one of my hobbies is taking video game music and converting it into MIDI music.

Great Tunes
Random Techno Tutatta
Encore Sash The Bears
Duel of the Fates Remix John Williams
Arranged by Karl Thorson
Gerudo Valley John Kuzma
Chronotrigger Ending Theme By Yasunori Mitsuda
Sequenced by Pokey
Exported SNES MIDI's
Mario World The first song to work correctly and turn all my effort into an unbreakable smile (at least until the next day :).
Mario World Introduction in minor When I was still perfecting the pitch to note conversion, the translation was skewed and Mario World came out sounding like this, but it actually sounded kind of neat to hear such a familiar song in a minor key.
DKC Introduction Donkey Kong Country
Mario RPG Cool song, not necessarily my conversion of it to MIDI, just the song itself.
Zelda: A Link to the Past Game theme