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About Me
You must have clicked on this page by accident, but if you really do happen to care about who I am, I'm 19, enjoy video games like most kids, write programs for fun, invent little worlds of my own, play the piano, love to figure out how things work, and often take them apart to satisfy my curiousity (whether tangible mechanical devices or intagible software). To find out more about any of these things just click on the category on the left.

Currently I attend Chemeketa College in Salem, Oregon for an associate's in computer programming. Qbasic was my first language, which I learned mostly on my own just messing around with commands and reading through the help. Then I was introduced to C by the book "Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus", and most recently haved dived into assembly. Anybody out there who, like me, loves to find out how games work or design their own is encouraged to say hello to me!

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Dwayne Robinson
a.k.a. Peekin