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Gotta start off right:
"Happy Mother's Day"
(bet you didn't see that phrase coming)

Welcome back to soon being a mother once again ;-). The past four years, with only yourself to care for, should have been fairly easy. Out of sight, out of mind I was. Even before that, when I was there, I wasn't too difficult to handle, was I? But now, you get to experience all fun most others mother's get - a genuine teenager. So I thought it only fitting that I include a little song entitled "Don't Make Me Wild".

What? You expected a nice card telling you how nice a mother you are and that there is no one else in the world like you? You wanted a card telling you how good of a job you did raising me and all that? Well, better luck next year! :)

And just in case you DO go batty, here is another tune. Remember your old black ape that would jive to this song? Also, you might enjoy listening to something your old son (dat ould be me) played on the piano: Guess #1 and Guess #2. Yes, there are some mistakes because they were only tests, but listen anyway because that's your job ;-)

Luf yu,
Dwayne (card and gfx all by Peekin)