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Helpful Links

Here are few good ones that I've come across. Not to say there are not several other great ones out there that I simply haven't have tried. For a lot more links, try Zophar's Domain or CyBeRGoth's Domain

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Resource Centers
Zophar's Domain An encompassing site for emulation in general. Read their news. Check out their SPC player and hacking docs. It's one of the few places that I check several times a week. Thanks to them for putting up my utilities.
Archaic Ruins Another great emulation site that has been around even longer, the first great one I came across. Here you can get the latest news on emulation or the 'history' of emulation with several older articles.
Emulation Programmer's Resource Excellent for information on several systems.
ROM Hacking dot Com Great library of documents and utilities related to (surprise) ROM hacking.
SNES Developer's Corner Lots of technical SNES documents, assemblers, disassemblers, and ROM utilities. Twas one of the first sites I found with all this stuff.
CyBeRGoth's Emulation Domain Has lots of useful links, ramblings on emulation I fully agree with, and a front-end for my utilities.
Nintendo Land Great site to find out about Nintendo's video game classics. "Prepare for a nostalgic journey."
Rage Games Full of hacks. Just my kind of place.
Qwertie's Oasis The most helpful SNES docs out there (SNES Knowledge Base!) plus the emulator SneQr.
SNES HQ One of the first SNES sites I found years ago. Not as big as the others, but I still like it. You might get some hints from it or read its FAQs.
SNES Emulation Center
Alas, it died :(
Full of documents, history, and utilities for the SNES, or at least it once was.
UpFront A Windows front-end for my utilities to help make up for their limitations.
ISDA From the author of Naga, an SNES ROM disassmbler which lets you look at (and change) the frozen code. In other words you don't have to be emulating it to work with it.
UIPS Used for applying translation patches to all those great games which sadly were only released in Japanese.
Yousei's Projects Just go there and see these neat utilities for yourself. Two of them were actually utilities I was planning on making, but he beat me to them. No problem with me :)
FuSoYa's Niche Holds Lunar Magic, Mario World Editor, and Zelda compress, graphics extractor/inserter for LTTP.
Alpha II Productions AntiResonance's site, home of the great SpcTool.
The Vale Translations, tools, and tutorials.
Official Dragon Warrior Editor Homepage Never played the featured game, but there are a lot more hacking utilities than just that one, like a ROM corruptor to help find where game data is stored.
Thingy Game text editor that supports other characters sets and compressed text (DTE).
Breakpoint Software's Hex Workshop Handy Windows based hex editor that you might want to use along with TileView.
Graphics Utilities
TilEd Cool ROM viewer that supports several console formats, palettes, and various editing tools. (Windows)
SMC-Ripper Nice SNES tile viewer/editor. Magnus Runesson stopped working on it long ago sadly. (DOS)
Nana Nana is a small, fast graphical file viewer supporting SNES tiles and linear graphics. (DOS)
Tile Layer

Utility is at Zophar's Domain
Graphics editor that supports several console formats, jealously fast too. Hexpose is a very useful text game text editor and general hexeditor. Also has utilities for editing NES levels, and informative docs. (DOS)
Palette Editor Graphics editors are great for changing pixels, but you're still confined to the same small palette of 16 colors (for sprites anyway). This program looks for those color palettes in games so that you can change them. (Windows)
Graphics Inserter & Extractor Lets you export graphics to bitmaps so that you can edit them and then reinsert them. (DOS)
Map Utilities
Tiler A map-maker intended to make it easier to design tilebased games. The handiest feature is that it can import ZSNES savestates (so you can start with existing tile graphics).
I.R.O.N. Clad A general purpose map editor that unlike game specific editors, uses map files to specify where important locations are and what type of data they are. Although it can be very useful for console game savestates, it technically is capable of being used on anything with fixed locations, as long as there is a map file for it.
SPC Utilities
Alpha II Productions
If you haven't already, go try this great SPC player! SpcTool has excellent sound quality, graphical volume meters, sound samples exporting, MIDI logging...
ZdSpc Great sounding, great looking Windows SPC player! The official player of Zophar's Domain.
SPC Header Editor
CSF Mania
Has an SPC header editor for setting the play time and informative document for Zelda:LTTP memory structures.
SpcEdit CyberGoth also wrote a great header editor for SPCs.
SNESSOR This SNES sound ripper searches through ROMs (or savestates, SPCs...) for BRR sound samples, lets you listen to them, exports them to wave files, and lets you import waves to replace the existing sounds.
OpenSPC SPC Player capable of exporting to IT (Impulse Tracker) modules and wave files.
ZSNES The fastest SNES emulator I know. Since it is the only one that will run on my computer at any noticeable rate (barely though), most of my utilities work with its savestates. SpriteView loads the colors from them, TileView automatically jumps to WRAM in them, and BgMapper of course views the scene.
Snes9x One of the two greatest SNES emulators, around for longer than ZSNES. Best of all, you can more than play it, you can get the source to it and find out how the SNES works.
SneQr This emulator (although there is no sound or transparency) has the one thing I really need, full debugging ability. The source is also available.
Emulation Programmer's Resource I mentioned this above, but just in case you missed it, here is an excellent site for information on several systems.
BeXXX' SNES Programming Page SNES Demos, source code, and old docs.
Programmer's Vault Full of tidbits.
Netwide Assembler
NASM - The Netwide Assembler - download it free now
Great (free!) assembler used in making my utils. Also has Ndisasm to disassemble executables (like some really fast emulator written in 100% assembly:).
WDOSX The DOS (also free!) extender used for 32bit protected mode.
Gaz's Library Has a useful assembly library which I used the memory allocation routines for BgMapper and SpriteView. It's also where I learned about how protected mode works.
Peter's Protected Mode Homepage Has Qdebug, a useful library, helpful tutorials, and programming files.
X2ftp Full of docs, source, and whatever a programmer needs.
Floating Point's Game Developer's Jumpsite From here you can branch to a myriad of programming related sites
Paul Heish's x86 page All things PC assembly related.
Programmer's Heaven Great resource for docs, various systems, and several languages.
Miscellaneous Others
Video Game Music Archive Awesome collection of all my favorite tunes and many more.
Zelda Headquarters Great information site for all the adventures, including walkthroughs, hints, secrets, and dungeon maps.
Metroid Database If you liked any of the Metroid series, then you don't want to miss this.
The Ultimate Animanga Archive Site with pictures and music from all the Anime series I have seen, plus all the ones I have never even heard of.
The Dialectizer Converts plain ol English inta Redneck, n Jive, n Pig Latin... Fun; just try it.

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