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Local Resource Security Back Door

In order to keep the average laymen from messing up the computers, my library has severely restricted the activities you can perform on the computers. Unfortunately, almost everything useful you would want to do is exactly what is restricted, affecting both the dangerous and honest people alike.

The annoying, inane FoolProof security program does not even allow access to floppy drives, so when I try to preview my webpage changes before uploading them, it displays the stupid message "Access to this resource has been disallowed". That is what it says if you type it directly into the address bar at least. What the security does not check is redirection from another page. So, simply linking to the desired page with an HREF solves that. Anyone who calls something "foolproof" is themself a fool.

And while I'm on a rant about "fools", I would like to add: Anyone fool enough to think that this entire complex, beautiful universe defied the natural laws of entropy and somehow formed into order from chaos, is blind!

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Absolute address (local or URL)

When you want to view any type of multimedia file, generally opening it will either open it in the same window or attempt to start the corresponding program; however, some of those programs are not allowed to start. For example, with Media Player, it gives the erroneous error that there is not enough memory (come on, if there is enough memory to start bloated IE, there is certainly enough for little Media Player). So I also added the ability the open the file in an embedded window.

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