As long as I have pen and paper (or a computer and mouse), I'm never bored. Ever since my mom gave me (little 3 year old me) a pen and napkin to keep me busy in the restaurant, I've loved drawing. It's best way to release all those ideas from my mind and show the rest of the world.

Some type of Hadrosaur. This old picture I probably drew around the age of 10.

I love the simple, but very expressive style of anime. This is one of my first few kawaii tests of that style.

Two yoshi's fleeing past a Nepenuts. I don't generally draw cartoons, and even then, they have to have a lot of shading for realism.

Warrior Raka prepared for anything, from an imaginary world called Lotaria, which I've slowly added to little by little since the age of 12.

Another warrior, Izari, also from that same land; but a different time period, when the world has reverted to a more primal nature.

When I saw the unfinished outline of this drawing, I just had to shade it in. The artist Tokino has junks that match some people's masterpieces!

Fairy princess, drawn when I first became infatuated with girls.