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For those who know me on a more personal level and want to keep abreast of current activities/concerns in my life...

2004-02-17T Create this little journal.
Got test back for Math 306 (infinite series) and scored 109/112. Very happy. VERY suprised. Thought I did badly on exit.
Must think about my classes for Spring term. Hope to finish degree by the following Spring term.

2004-02-18W Took physics 213 second midterm. Easier than expected, and if not some little mistakes, I could have scored 100 - something unheard of on physics exams. That means though that everybody else probably did as well too, so no grade adjustment.
Worked on tiling assignment for CS325. So you have a grid of size 2^n (2x2,4x4,8x8) and one spot is filled in, anywhere on the board. Now, fill in the rest of the board completely with L shaped tiles.

2004-02-19H Met with advisor for next term's classes.

2004-02-20F Scored a pathetic 46 on CS325 midterm. True, more than half the class scored below 50 points, but that does not make me feel any better. Played spoons for an hour with Margaret, Tim, Meribeth, Erin...

2004-02-21S Worked with Paul on the third assignment for operating systems - our own little command shell.

2004-02-22N Attended church with Paul and Kaci at a small church near their house. Finished the last chunk of the shell. Ate Pizza with Sunny,Nick,Sam,Mike,Tim...and Suzie before she headed back to Tennessee. Asked Sunny about his new girl interest.

2004-02-23M Spent most of the day reading math in the library for the quiz. Walked home with Sunny and talked about his plan to move into a cheaper location for next year.

2004-02-24T Talked with James & Oliver about their endeavour to create an RPG GBA ROM.

2004-03-15M Wow. I've never done so badly on any test. I was feeling quite good (being a relative term) about infinite seriess and matrices, until halfway through. I came to Eigen values of a matrix and completely forgot how to find them - the one thing I didn't study because I knew how to find them the best... apparently not. The really cheap part about it is that all the following questions were dependant on the answers to that one. Even if I only scored 40% on it though, that is more than enough to pass the class, after going into it with 85% quizzes, 97% worksheets, and 98% midterm. It just stinks that such a beautiful A had to be ruined by a fluke of utterly retarded and inexcusable memory loss. Studied late into the night with Kiddus for analysis of algorithms. Explaining it to him helped me understand it better.

2004-03-16T Took the analysis of algorithms final - tough, but doable. The reputation of that class is such that you don't ask people what "grade they got" in it. You ask, "How many times did you retake it?". I'm no longer afraid of passing the class, but completely unsure on my grade, depending on how the rest of the class did (C-A).

Got a new hard drive. Transferred the last of Jason's files from his corrupt old one to the new one, and as a reward for time invested, I got to keep the 20GB thing and add it to my collection. The drive hardware itself was fine, but the NTFS partition was corrupt, and surprisingly, no version of Windows could read it. Indeed, the savior was little old BeOS. Spent most of the remaining day fill the new drive with files. Copied about 3000 songs from Austin's computer, listening to and deleting 2000 punk, ska, and rap songs that came with the collection, and gaining about 700 beautiful techno, trance, new age, & rock.

2004-03-17W Studied all day for physics, painful physics.

2004-03-18H All done with finals. Took operating systems test this morning (CS311) with a likely 95-100%, and later finished physics - the last physics test I will ever take! The sequence of PH211,PH212,PH213 is now complete, and these ridiculously difficult, stressful, mind boggling tests are no more. Now, I can focus on the pure CS classes; and, if all goes as hoped, I will have that certificate BS by the end of Spring term 2005. I've decided to never tell anyone how I do on tests. It's not like I ever brag in the first place, but I think I'll go further than that and even decline telling when someone asks me. Instead of being happy for me, everyone just feels bad when they learn that I did well. That's really their problem, but nevertheless, I won't agitate it.

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