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Disclaimer: The screenshots below come from copyrighted games/files (like you didn't know that). Nintendo in no way supports this (like you didn't know that either), but I also own and love every one pictured (you might not have known that one). So it's basically little different than taking a picture of what would be on my television screen.

Some of these are older pictures that do not necessarily reflect how they look now.

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'Zelda:LTTP' map without mode 7 distortion 'Mario Kart' Koopa Beach 'Mario World' VRAM graphics Keys ('Mario 3' background) 'Mario RPG' (c)Nintendo/Squaresoft 'Mario 2' level 1.2 'Zelda' just east of the graveyard 'Metroid 3' Lizard Kraid

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First level of 'Cybernator' with wide wrap (C)Konami 'Zelda' Dark World Pyramid 'Metroid 3' just before Wrecked Ship 'Doom' control panel graphic in DOOM1.WAD (c)ID Software Character view 'DKC' Hex view mode 'Mario 2' fx graphics 'Starfox' fx graphics

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Icons from the Windows 95 cache 'shellicon' Some familiar 'Zelda 64' items Level icons in 'Yoshi's Island:MW2' fx graphics Area titles in 'Zelda 64' 'Starfox' fx graphics 'Mario 2' enemies Samus in 'Metroid 3' using user palette 'Mario RPG' using variable tile wrap 'Zelda' map graphics in mode 7

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'Mario World' note patterns

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